Johnny Gambit.

Illustration & photography by Alan Oldham.

Johnny Gambit: The Prodigal Son

Illustration & photography by Alan Oldham.

Back in 1987, a young Alan D. Oldham (the future DJ T-1000) produced his first widely-released indie comic book, called JOHNNY GAMBIT. At the same time, Oldham's childhood friend, Derrick May, was producing his first twelve-inch record, "Nude Photo," on his Transmat label (for which Alan did the artwork). 'Why not put the comics inside the records', asked May. From that basic idea, two legends were born. JOHNNY GAMBIT the comic book was featured in the first-ever article about Detroit Techno in London's The Face magazine (1987). The article, titled "Seventh City Techno," was named after Gambit's fictional city.

Johnny Gambit Animated Promo ( cut) from Oldham Industries at Vimeo.

The Characters:

A punk-rock, electromagdrag-racing private detective, Johnny Gambit was born and raised inside an energy-domed, Art Deco metropolis called Seventh City, cut off from the outside world for over 50 years, future tech gone wrong.

Cody Ashton is his trusted partner and right-hand man in Johnny's private detective agency, Gambit & Associates, as well as in their club, The Vortex Room, the hottest techno venue in the city, which hosts illegal racers, DJs, kineostars and other beautiful freaks.

Together with Vanessa, Johnny's robotic bartender/bouncer/Girl Friday, life is as cool as it can be when you've been trapped behind a force-field your whole life. But when teenage Max comes into their lives, claiming she's got a way to finally collapse the barrier, the city's Powers-That-Be, led by the mysterious Technocleric, don't take kindly to the prospect!

Johnny Gambit Volume One
Created, Written and Illustrated by Alan D. Oldham
52 pp. Hardcover
Limited Edition
Complete with 2xCD soundtrack
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