"These Are The Voyages" is a compilation of all the Detroitrocketscience material of the last several years, for the first time in CD format. From the three 10-inch vinyl releases that introduced the Detroitrocketscience concept (2012-2013), to the track that originally appeared on Minimalsoul's 2012 "22,300 Miles Above Neo-Detroit" split 12-inch release, to the latest website-only 7-inch single from 2016, all the voyages are here.

Our interstellar sonik journey begins with the epic "Laws of Anti-Gravity," an 11:57 minute opus of movement, tension, and release.

"Black Nebula" evokes the dread of a mysterious, dark singularity, pulling you in deeper...and deeper.

"Alpha Control/Workers in Orbital Habitats" is a suite that takes you from the launch pad at Alpha Control to the Orbital Habitats, where vacc-suited, free-fall engineers work in zero gravity.

"Reentry Into Martian Atmosphere" is the soundtrack to the treacherous reentry into Mars' unstable atmosphere, a.k.a. the "7 minutes of terror" landing window of America's latest Martian probe.

The sub-space signals and minimalism and heartbeat intro of "Zeta-Reticuli 4" give way to deep, introspective strings as we journey through the interstellar gate to the titular destination; a Class-M world in the Zeta-Reticuli system. Cosmic.

Next, the melancholy-yet-minimal "Xetra" takes the listener ever deeper into unexplored, zero-gravity soundtrack realms while still retaining its requisite, Earth-based, (Neo-) Detroit-style machine soul.

The minimalism of "Curved Space" evokes the spirit of the 2063 Warp Speed Trials, Earth's first FTL drive/warp bubble tests.

"Slutboxx" refers to the kiosks at the infamous Panama Station, where anything sexual can be had...for a price.

A long, atmospheric intro gives way "Temporal Anomaly," a literal hole in space where all time-reading instruments go awry. First discovered by the ISS Malcolm X in 2120.

The mysterious "Vesta System" closes the release, a suite of signals received from an Class-M Earth Colony in the nearby Vesta System. Due to relative time dilation, one day there is equal to 8 weeks of Earth-normal time, so physical contact with the colony is minimal.

DRSCD001 – Detroitrocketscience – These Are The Voyages (CD)

$16.99 USD + S/H

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