Artwork by Alan Oldham.

Photo by Martin Boehm Photography.

Alan D. Oldham: Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man.

Perhaps best known as a DJ and his music production under the guise DJ T-1000 for the Generator, Pure Sonik, Tresor, and Inzec labels, Alan D. Oldham began as an illustrator/comic book artist who published such notable characters like Johnny Gambit, Dangergirl aka Orietta St. Cloud and the recent, Vectra. Oldham's artwork have also graced the early releases of Derrick May's label Transmat which first introduced him to the techno music world and later responsible for the iconic look of the hard hitting techno and house label, DJAX-UP-BEATS, Netherlands.

Today, Oldham's artwork continues to adorn a new generation of releases/labels as he showcases his artwork in galleries, pop-up art shows and comic book conventions in such cities as Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and next, Vienna.

Photo by Alan Oldham.

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